Advantages of a paper band filter

Working to clean coolant lubricants, emulsions, oils and solutions associated with industry processing, paper band filters work to separate dirt and waste particles from a range of liquids.

This happens as the liquid flows into the collection area of the filter lined with the paper filters, discharging dirt.

Initially coolant or the liquid to be cleansed is poured into the filter via a flow dispenser and falls directly onto the filter bed retained in a liquid state by a steel mesh belt.

The coolant then passes through this, where solids are retained, cleansing the liquid, and the remaining liquid subsequently flows into the clean tank where it is able to be pumped back into the machine ready to be removed.

The contaminated liquid level rises with a float and catalyses a switch which causes a belt to move via a reduction geared unit. The dirty, waste liquid is then discharged into a waste bin and the clean liquid is then allowed to pass freely and the float, previously held in the waste water, falls.

This process means that coolant life can be extended and dirty contaminants are removed quickly and efficiently. The fact that our paper band filters also require minimal levels of power with rolls of paper filters that can last months, dependant on usage, means that it is a cost effective solution and makes business sense.

If you are a company looking for diverse and cost effective methods of coolant management then Alpha Beta Technical Services range of paper band filters can provide a solution either as an independent cleaning unit or as a supplement to existing or new swarf conveyors.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and levels of output with a diverse range of filter mediums available.

Contact us today to discuss your filtration and coolant management requirements.


A trio of fluid recycling and disposal solutions

From our firmly established presence in the UK and Ireland since 2002 we at Alpha Beta Technical Services have been able to assist a variety of companies looking to become more environmentally aware. In doing so such companies have been able to achieve ISO 9004 compliance and sustained success in their recycling of materials and oils in order to further reduce wastage and reduce costs related to the disposal of waste.


With this in mind, from our base in Nottingham, we are proud one of few suppliers in the UK for leading German filtration products from Liqui-Filter GmbH bringing advancement through technology through the German ethos of ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik.’

Much like us, the German supplier of Coolant Filtration Equipment to automotive companies has many years of experience that incorporates industrial washing machines, conveyors, swarf handling equipment and coolant management systems whether as standalone units for individual machines, as used by the OEM machine tool market, or larger systems for a combined and more centralised handling system for swarf and coolants.

If you are a company looking to implement further ISO 9004 requirements in terms of coolant life to reduce wastage and expensive disposal costs then Alpha Beta can advise you using our extensive experience in the industry and knowledge of Liqui-Filters range of products which are applicable in the extension of coolant life.


For companies looking for diverse applications such as the removal of oil from water or soluble oils and dissolved air floatation for oils and solids, particularly within the metal cutting industries, we would recommend the Stetfield brand of separators which is now readily available on our website and can be distributed anywhere in the UK.

The range includes the Stepack, Multipack and Stefloat equipment which can all be applied in the above situations.

The more recent addition to Alpha Beta, Ultrafiltration from Stetfield, using a low membrane process for separation, can also reduce the cost of spent coolant disposal dependent upon the content and application providing one of the best coolant management systems meaning a clean, bacteria free environment for your company’s workforce that can be applied within, but is not limited to waste soluble oil disposal, pigment and printing inks and dye penetrant rinsings’.


With four models of electrically operated evaporators to choose from, all of which can reduce large volumes of industrial water waste produced as a by product of the manufacturing process in any plant. Our range of Lucro evaporation systems are effective in reducing the costs that cutting fluids can produce while providing recycling and filtration methods that are required when reducing volumes of fluids that need to be disposed of.

As a main distributor of the four main evaporator units, we estimate cost savings as a results of the elimination of disposal charges which can provide a return within twelve months.

Our main models include; the Aquarius, Atlantis, Neptune and Titan which provide comprehensive solutions to various requirements including heated evaporation, higher litres of evaporation and cost effectiveness.

These systems can also be used to cope with non-flammable water based liquids.

At Alpha Beta, our product and service solutions aim to serve four main areas; Filtration, Coolant management and disposal, the handling of swarf and the removal of oil from water.

With various other products to choose from including our NEW coolant management system which maintains water based coolants in the metal working industry and our dunk and dry washing machine, you can be sure to find the recycling or disposal solution suitable for your industry.

Should you require further information on our products then please contact us, we will be more than happy to advise and assist you where required.


Well Blow Me Down!

Following the success of the prototype blown down unit recently supplied to a major international hydraulics company they have ordered, received and installed a further seven units to stand at the side of their production units

This order was achieved by working closely with the customer and taking on-board the improvements suggested by them and the operators who use the equipment.

This equipment has now been put forward as a model of best practice for the whole group of companies and further orders may well be likely!

Keep a look out for photographs and more details which will shortly be added to our products page


New Product added

Just manufactured and had approved a prototype blow down cabinet featuring oil mist extraction to comply with newly introduced guidelines on health and safety at work. we are expecting to receive further orders for another 7 units in December and more next year from the same customer


New Coolant Management Systems available

We’re happy to announce the new “Sudsaver CMS”, a new coolant management system designed and manufactured in association with Alan Saul of Hydeaway Ltd. This new unit provides a good reliable, economic solution to the high costs associated with maintaining water based coolants used in the metalworking industry.

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New Site

Welcome to the brand new site for Alpha Beta Technical Services. The site has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a modern, clean and easy to navigate way for our clients to find the information they are looking for. This new blog section will allow us to post news and updates, while the products and services pages allow our clients to browse technical documents and find information on equipment and parts.

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