Coolant Management System

Coolant management system

The HYDEAWAY ‘SUDSAVER’ unit has been designed to give a good reliable, economic solution to the high costs associated with maintaining water based coolants used in the metalworking industry. It recycles used coolant with continuous removal of tramp oil and suspended solids and controls bacteria. Losses of coolant, due to evaporation or with drag out, can be automatically replenished with an integrated coolant make-up system. Recycle those coolants which would normally be lost through sump clean out, swarf drag out, swarf drainage and component drainage tanks. It can be stand alone or linked to a number of machine tools.


  • Dramatically reduces new coolant usage
  • Minimal floor space
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Greatly reduces hazardous waste
  • Waste volume is reduced by up to 95%
  • Easy operation with low operator involvement
  • Reduces waste disposal costs


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How it works

  1. A small forwarding tank of approximately 35 litre is positioned adjacent to each of the existing machine tool sumps.
  2. Coolant overflows from the sump into the forwarding tank.
  3. Coolant is pumped from the forwarding tank to the coolant management system by a pump and through fixed pipework.
  4. The coolant received by the management system enters through a filter for removing any solids.
  5. Coolant then passes into the dirty tank.
  6. Coolant is drawn from the dirty tank and pumped, (by the re-circulation pump), into the oil/coolant separator, which removes the free oils, (known as tamp oils or leak oils).
  7. From the separator the coolant passes into the clean tank from where it is pumped back to the individual machine tools by the return pump.
  8. Coolant can overflow from the clean tank into the dirty tank and be re-circulated on a continual basis, (this will normally happen during times of balanced flow and return).
  9. Optionally the coolant is drawn from the clean tank and pumped through an ultraviolet light system for the reduction of bacteria, the treated coolant passes back into the clean tank.
  10. Automatic top up of new coolant, coolant monitoring and additive dosing are optional additions to the system.
  11. Flow rates from individual machines are from 2 to 20 litre/min.
  12. Re-circulation rate within the management system is equal to or in excess of the total flow rate from all machine tool sumps.


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