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Alpha Beta Technical Services Ltd in association with Hydeaway ltd have recently designed, manufactured and installed a new stainless steel wash machine for Parker Hannifin Ltd at there premises in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The wash is a new concept to avoid the problems usually associated with a conventional dunk wash, and is a completely automatic process once the component has been loaded. The component a valve body with aweight of 62 kilograms is twisted and turned during the wash process which uses an alkaline water mix at a temerature of 55 degrees centigrade.

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When that cycle is completed the wash solution is pumped out of the wash tank via filters which remove any debris present, into a holding tank and the drying cycle commences using the same twist and turn process to remove any liquid remaining on the component.

When the drying cycle is completed the component returns back to the load position ready to start the next cycle and the wash solution is returned to the wash tank.

The wash has its own plc which controls all machine functions, including the heater which is fitted with an adjustable thermostat and the cycle times for both the washing and drying process.The machine is fully interlocked to prevent access to the component and the wash tank whilst it is in either the wash or dry cycle and complies with all the latest legislation on safe working practise.

Alan Blacker, managing director of Nottingham based Alpha Beta Technical Services is convinced the same concept can be apapted to suit a range of components such as cylinder heads and manifold blocks as well as smaller components.

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